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{ Team Fleuriste Spotlight } Jake

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{ Team Fleuriste Spotlight } Jake

Today we are pumped to introduce you to the man with a plan, Jake! Jake is part of our production crew and brings the perfect amount of sarcasm to complete our crew. A little sassy and a whole lot of crafty are two very important skills needed to be a successful member of our team… This is exactly why he fits in perfectly! 

Jake’s been working in the event world for years. It’s pretty obvious to tell though because when it comes to event days, Jake is ready for whatever! Experience is one of the many great traits he brings to #teamfleuriste. If you are looking for something fun, fresh and unique we are certain that our production team can make it happen! In his own words, here is more about Jake…

So how exactly do you get prepped for an event?  I look at the projects for the week and start executing a plan. With each event being different from the next we really try to strategize from the start so we know how much time we need in order to get the projects done.

What makes events so great to you? I love events because we get to build stuff and make people’s day wonderful. It really is all about making someone feel good.

What do you like building most for events? I like building anything with acrylics most. However, I work more with wood. Regardless of what we are building for an event I know that we have to be precise in order to make it really stand out and be different than anything else. It’s awesome when we build something that is original and never been seen before.

So we hear you have a favorite tool brand. What is itFunny you ask… Secretly, I like Milwaukee. However, just to get under Brad’s skin I tell him I like Dewalt. Brad is obsessed with Milwaukee products so it’s funny to go against him and watch him unfold. #rebel

What is your favorite part of The Fleuriste? My favorite part is the team and how everyone works together! This is a team that knows how to have fun, yet get things done at the same time. It’s an awesome experience! { Okay, WOW! That was the kindest answer! }


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