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{ Team Fleuriste Spotlight } Esther

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{ Team Fleuriste Spotlight } Esther

Today we’d like to introduce you to Esther, floral fashionista with #teamfleuriste.

If you’re looking for a good laugh and beautifully designed florals; then Esther is the girl for you! Her love and knowledge of flowers paired with her daily adornment of hair flowers earned her the title of Floral Fashionista. Seriously major hair goals! Apart from having great hair and delightful floral designs; Spicy McSassy (a.k.a Esther) is the master of smart remarks. Her amazing comedic timing and dry sense of humor tend to surface when we least expect it. And her contagious laugh… well it certainly guarantees fun times to everyone in the room.

Miss Esther is a crowd pleaser at all of #TeamFleuriste’s Flower School nights! Our guests can count on her to be a friend and help perfect their arrangements. However, when it comes time to be serious…. Esther is still a total blast to be around!

We asked Esther a couple of things to help get to know her and this is what she said…

What’s your favorite part about working at The Fleuriste? I come from a small town and although I’ve been designing for six years I had never been given the opportunity to design on such a large scale like it’s done here at The Fleuriste. Once I got the job here I told my family and friends about it and their immediate response is that this is the style of floral design I was meant to do. I’m still learning event by event and I absolutely love it! I am honest to God so blessed to be here and forever so thankful. #blessed

What’s your favorite flower and why? Okay let me just say this is a very difficult question. Flowers are my passion how do I just pick one?! But for now I’m gonna go with the flower that reminds me of home, the sunflower. I’m a Kansas girl and sunflowers are our state flower. Anddddd it’s yellow! { Fun fact: Esther’s tool box is actually yellow and is literally half the size of her. #MuscleGirl }

What’s your favorite part about Flower School? Easy… the wine. { kidding.. kinda }. It’s fun seeing familiar faces and seeing the all creativity come to life! Also, helping others and doing what I have the privilege of doing everyday is simply amazing!

What’s your favorite thing about yourself and why? My laugh. Although I sometimes get annoyed with it myself, others tell me I have such a great and contagious laugh. So if my laugh makes others laugh I’m totes down with it. Laughter brings happiness and who doesn’t wanna be happy?!?! I mean duhhhh.

ESPN or E! News? I mean how does one go about their day not knowing what’s the latest on the Kardashians?!


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