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An Icon’s Birthday. Celebrating Ranell Brown.

An iconic woman of warmth, style and grace. That’s how I would describe her.
And while my heavy heart acknowledges she’s not here to celebrate her birthday today, I will forever celebrate every incredible influence she’s had on my life.

Ranell was…

Daughter to my sweet (and sassy) Mema who affectionately longs to be with her daughter every day,
My father’s sister (and biggest cheerleader),
Wife to my incredible uncle Steve,
Mother to Matt and Meredith,
Lulu to her grandchildren,
The favorite aunt to her nieces and nephews,
The Family quarterback, gracefully calling all the plays,
A friend to everyone she met,
And among many other things, she was an icon to me.

Always there, listening and giving the best advice, my aunt Ranell made me feel exclusively special. Since moving back to Oklahoma, many people have shared their memories and stories about Ranell that ultimately revealed how special she made them feel. I quickly noticed the common thread.”Exclusively special” was the way Ranell made everyone feel. It was one of her countless gifts and she shared it – unconditionally.

In Ranell’s absence, The Fleuriste is lucky enough to now host the Crafty Crafters. This fabulous group of ladies historically met at Ranell’s house two Thursdays a month, for years and years. Inevitably, crafts transpired, as did lunch and lots of laughter and catching up. No one had to be particularly “crafty”; because at its core, this was really just a group friends who genuinely loved each other and wanted to spend time together. No technology, social media, texting, blogging or FaceTime, just friends connecting in real life. I must confess, Crafters are my guilty pleasure because they carry on that “exclusively special” feeling. These ladies fill my heart and wrap me in the spirit of Ranell every time they come to The Fleuriste. I’m so thankful that they’ve allowed me to join their friendship circle.

Ranell was so much more than I could ever aspire to be…she was Ranell… iconic, true and good.

So today, I say to my Aunt Ranell…

Happy Birthday dear!
You are celebrated, cherished, loved
and most certainly missed.
xoxo… Allison

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