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Experience the art of floral design under the guidance of master florist, George Catechis, and design team at The Fleuriste at Flower School!

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Opportunities that “wow”

So you want to make a change { gasp } or perhaps try something new?! You know…explore & develop your creative side. You’ve held out this long, and now your big opportunity might just be staring you in the face.

If you’ve mastered a “fun, upbeat and positive” attitude and see yourself as a “team player” that’s ready to push the envelope, then we’ve got something in common. Sounds like you might be the next draft pick for Team Fleuriste.




Who are we you ask? The Fleuriste is a high-end floral boutique & event design company catering to an audience of Oklahoma’s trendsetters. Our undeniably chic designs evoke an appreciation of not only flowers as arrangements but as living sculptures.  While we are passionate about our work, we believe in the significance of creating stunning bouquets and breathtaking environments with the utmost respect for both our clients’ desires and the flowers themselves. Even as our designs continue to evolve, our approach remains consistent.  We believe flowers are not simply colors and varieties but also an interpretation of personalities and lifestyles especially of those they represent.  Whether designing for individuals, events or corporate environments, our focus remains dedicated to the translation of clients’ personal style and vision.

Still sound interesting to you? We’re in search of a full time floral assistant – prior floral experience not required    { we’ll train ya }. We’re also in search of a full time floral designer – prior floral design experience required with a motivated and artistic approach to design .

Both positions require the following:

:: good communication skills
:: keen multi tasking skills
:: ability to work in a high energy, fast paced environment
:: computer literate
:: flexible schedule (work weekends)
:: ability to stand for long periods of time
:: ability to lift items that weigh up to fifty (50) pounds
:: ability to walk long distances (in & out of ballrooms/event spaces)
:: ability to follow instructions & take constructive criticism
:: artistic abilities and interests

Sound fun? Sound challenging? Want to bring donuts for the staff each morning? { Ok fine, that last one’s not required, but you can’t blame us for taking a shot } go ahead… FILL OUT APPLICATION HERE.

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