When you send or display flowers designed by The Fleuriste, you not only convey a personal message but you make a statement! We are not your conventional florist, and yet we do almost everything you would rely on from your traditional florist. Here are a few points that set us apart from the rest:

  • No matter the occasion we will create it and make you stand out
  • We purchase our flowers from growers and importers direct- better prices and fresher product
  • Our products are priced smartly so they move out the door quickly- freshness and frugality in mind
  • Anything but the Kitchen sink is not what we are about- the flowers on hand are “in season” and the greatest varieties available
  • We always thrive to “WOW” in everything we do
  • A lifetime of devotion to the floral industry is our record of past- the business idea for The Fleuriste is the culmination of skills, artistry and experience combined
  • Our guarantee- once you try us you will “get it”!


Come on in and let us show you around.

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  1. Loved your website and photos of your work! If I lived in your area – I would DEFINITELY use you for all my catering/floral needs. Can’t believe your prices on corporate arrangements! FAB. I have watched your business grow through Carolyn’s eyes and just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your site! Great Job. Best wishes for a prosperouse future for the Fleuriste!

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